Well, If you are here… I guess your Spanish Visa application has been refused. We know Spanish Consulates are considered the toughest one in Europe. It is important to fulfill all the requirements to get your visa application approved. The interview is also relevant and I am here to help you, and prepare the right documentation for the Consulate. You don’t need a lawyer to apply, however we recommend the advice of an immigration attorney to review your case and ensure you have everything needed for your visa application.

In some cases, you can still get a refusal from the Consulate, even if all the documentation were valid. What did it happen? Did you make any mistake? To be honest, some Spanish Consulates refuse visa applications without any fair reasons. They think you will not leave the country before the expiration of the visa. Plain and simple. They will mark two or three options in their official form.

What should you do after the refusal? You can appeal against the resolution at the Consulate or «going» directly to the Superior Court of Madrid (Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Madrid). The deadline is 30 days (a month) from the day of notification, or 60 days if you plan to submit the contentious appeal in Spain. In that case, you will need a representation from an attorney. Usually it takes one year, more or less, to end the procedure.

Spanish Consulates have three months to determine your appeal with a new resolution. If they reject your appeal, you will need to claim your case at the Superior Court of Madrid. I recommend to do the appeal in Spanish, not in English. Believe me, do not waste your time doing the appeal in English or in your native language .

lf your Spanish visa application is rejected, you may re-apply after several months have passed, but you will have to provide new and more compelling evidence the second time around. Having an attorney prepare your case will save you precious time and resources, but most importantly they can work on your case to help you in your application.

lf you need help, do not be shy. I am here to help you and fight for your case. Send me an email or call me. Thank you.